What I Do: Brain Big Data and more

Short Version

Inventor: Vaa3D, BrainAligner, NeuronTracers, SmartScope/SmartScope2, mRMR, 3D Virtual Finger, and more. Builder: cell and brain maps. Proponent: BioImage Informatics meetings, Brain Informatics conferences, journals (Bioinformatics, BMC Bioinformatics, and Brain Informatics), and BigNeuron and Open Interface of Bioimaging Software. Location: allen institute @ Seattle and http://penglab.com

Long Version

I am interested in developing revolutionary technologies to generate, manage, visualize, analyze, and understand massive-scale structure and function data related to brains, especially human brains. Currently I am leading a Brain Big Data research group at the Allen Institute for Brain Science, Seattle. I also direct a newly established Joint Research Center of Southeast University and Allen Institute at China (SEU-Allen), where we are doing a number of interesting projects. I am also an affiliate/adjunct faculty member (professor) with the University of Washington (USA) and the University of Georgia (USA), etc. Prior to my arrival at Seattle in the fall of 2012, I led a Big Image Mining research group at Janelia Research Campus, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, where I stayed for 7 years. Before then, I did research at a series of other interesting places, including for instance the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University Medical School, etc. I am an Fellow of AIMBE and a Senior Member of IEEE.

We develop and use many cutting-edge machine learning, artificial intelligence, data mining, and imaging methods to handle the very complex and very large scale brain data, gene expression data, and many other types of data. We welcome collaborations especially the large scale data challenges. Our group has been a world-leader in massive scale multi-dimensional imaging and visualization, very large scale brain mapping, neuron- and cell-phenotyping, feature extraction and Bayesian inferencing for general applications, as demonstrated in a number of high-profile, well-recognized publications and widely-used open-source software packages.

Some of my recent activities can be seen in the News and Media Reports, the Publications, or the Activities. A short BIO can be found here.

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